Etiquette For Newbies; Fine Dining

When you are invited to attend an interview or meeting at the high end function rooms you have never been to but heard about, you might end up in a panic about your eating habits. After all your boss will be there and it could be the gateway to a promotion. So before going off into a panic attack, here are some tips to drill into the head about what should be done and should not be done at a top end eatery.

Dressing the part

First impressions are always due to how you dress and how you look. So in order to make an impression, get the best of your brands of clothes, jewelry and makeup and shoes to get your suited up for the event. Suits, or at least a jacket of some sort is a must and you can go for your best dress too if you would prefer that. Sneakers and sandals must be abandoned for proper shoes.

Cell phone, keys and purse

Do not put any of these on the table when you sit down. Cell Phones will distract you and the guests when you are having a serious conversation and getting the communication going. If you have your ringtone at highest volume, you will end up making a scene. So either put your phone on silent or on vibrate before you enter the place.

When hosting

If you are the one organizing the meeting or date at the place, then make sure to figure out how to pay the bill beforehand. Usually at restaurants in Penrith NSW they provide the payments to be paid beforehand or get their waiter to remind you away from the companions. Also the inviter is the one footing the bill.

Do not talk about wine budget

When you are ordering wine be sure to give an idea of what you would like to have and which food you are having and point at a wine that is in your range so the waiter can get an idea of your budget. Do not talk about the pricing at the table at all. Do not go around sniffing and sipping wine like in the movies. When the wine arrives just take a little sip and it will fit in almost all cases. But if you do not like it usually you keep the bottle as it is already opened, but if you do not want to keep it at all then you can explain in low tones to the waiter and explain politely what the problem is.


People take pictures of their food in almost all cases when they’re at one of the fine dining restaurants in Penrith NSW. It is usually not an issue as it shows that you find the food beautiful and want to share it with others. But just take a single shot and do not pose with the food. If you are with a client do not take the picture unless they take the initiative.

Make sure to enjoy your time at the finer eateries out there and not end up picking at food because of your nerves. Leftover food at a good place ends up being a regret for you later on.

How To Select A Place To Travel This Holiday

Travelling can expand your horizon and way of thinking. It will help you to see stuff you haven’t seen before, meet people you haven’t met before and expose your self for new ways of thinking and cultures. There are several factors you should consider when selecting a place to travel. These factors you should consider are as below:

Reason to travel

Different people have different reasons to travel. Some people travel to a new place to relax and get away from work and stress of life. Whereas other people travel just for the need of more adrenaline in their system, seeking adventures. Identify the reason for you to want to travel. It’s not just to share a photo of your travel locations on Facebook; identify your need to create memories for yourself.

Identify your travel companions

People prefer to travel in different ways. Some people prefer to travel alone, some prefer to travel with friends, some people prefer to travel with their loved one and some prefer to travel with their family. Identify your travel companion, whom you want to travel. This way you can plan your trip accordingly.

Identify what you want to do

Identify the kind of the trip you want to go to. There are different types of trips. Identify what you want to do. Consider all options available. Such as do I need adventure or do I need relaxation? Do I need to travel to a city or do I need to travel to countryside? Do I prefer beaches or do I prefer mountains? Do I need resorts or am I looking at a road trip? Am I interested in festivals? Am I interested in cultural experiences? Do I like shopping, Do I like food experiences? Clearly identifying what you want to do will make it easy for you to select a place to go to.

Travel time you have and what season you prefer

Different people select different seasons to travel. Some travel during winter whereas some prefer to travel during summer. Identification of the season you travel is important for you to select the place you want to go. Also, clearly identifying your travel period is important to travel successfully and to identify the place you want to go. The place you want to go to will depend on whether you are travelling for a week or whether you are travelling for a year.

Budget you are willing to spend on this trip

The allocated budget for your travel will decide on the place you want to visit during your holiday. This decides your Surry Hills accommodation Sydney, places you’d visit and the things you do. Therefore, deciding on the budget early is important.

Transform Your Body With Healthy Eating Habits

Ever since our childhood, we have been told that consuming excessive toffees are harmful for our health. Especially to maintain our oral hygiene, we must shun these bad habits and substitute these with natural sugars like fruits, juices or milkshakes. Unfortunately, researchers suggest that the candies are not only tasty but it offers an array of health benefits for the human body:

1. Antioxidants to benefit our body immensely

Bulk hot chocolate is loaded with antioxidants, which strengthen the immunity power of an individual. Oxidation of a cell is a chemical reaction, which damages a cell resulting in electron loss as well as production of the free radicals. Antioxidant benefits the body, by restricting the oxidation process. Antioxidants are present in red wine, fruits and vegetables, which help the body to fight infections in an effective way. As a result, many people tend to consume antioxidant supplements too for this. Visit this link for more information about bulk hot chocolate.

2. Deal with PMS in an effective way

By releasing endorphins, it helps the body to combat anxiety and the magnesium contents in bulk hot chocolate, transforms the mood and reduces the retention of water. However, excessive consumption might lead to an abnormal increase of weight.

3. Reduces cholesterol level and blood pressure

Researchers suggest that these snacks tend to lower the cholesterol level and control the blood pressure, which is responsible for the majority of the cardiovascular diseases. By consuming at least 20 grams of the snack, one can effectively reduce the chances of heart diseases.

4. Improve your skin

Researchers suggest, that toffees can improve the overall skin condition, by beautifying one from inside. By reducing the sunburns, it has the capability to enhance your soft and supple skin, with prolonged usage. In fact, these days they are often used as a part of skin treatment methods and facials.

5. Natural pain killer

Many a times, toffees acts as pain killers and have a positive impact on the body. Patients are found to recover relatively faster by consuming these snacks regularly. However, even though there is evidence that it acts as a natural pain killer, the health experts are often skeptical about it, because it can lead to obesity.

6. Slow down the ageing process

Cocoa is also known to catalyze biogenesis, leading to cell rejuvenation, thereby slowing the ageing process.

Thus, it is clear that despite the sugar and fat content, these snacks are the most preferable item, which is not only a safe gifting option, but is the best mood transformer. In fact, it is found to benefit the pregnant women in many ways. Consuming milk, with cocoa is also a good option, before going to sleep. If you are suffering from insomnia, consider the option of consuming a cup of cocoa milk every day.

5 Tips On Preparing For Food Tasting

Food or catering tasting events are no different. It allows you to learn about food and what will be good for an event you are planning on hosting. It will help you learn about new cuisine and food items too. Here are some tips on food tasting for you to consider:

Go for the tasting hungry as possible
If you go for the event as hungry as possible it will be easy for you to taste all the items on the menu. If you go on a full or partially full stomach you won’t be able to try much out! Always enter a tasting, hungry! Remember you don’t have to eat everything on the menu you must just have a few bites of each item. If you really want to take some home you can ask the tasting company to pack it for you. Try function venues Brisbane city for more details on food items for a party.

Bring your questions
You must bring questions to the event especially about what you want to ask. You might have questions on food items on the menu which might be complicated for you to prepare on your own. You can ask the coordinator for more details on what you must make for your private party!

Come up with info on how you want to plan an event
You might be planning a private party at your home. You will have to decide on vendors, venue details, rental furniture, décor and etc. If you are unsure about what you want hire a tasting company to visit you or you visit them for information on food. You can even hire corporate food service businesses in Brisbane to plan the event for you. Remember to talk about the contract with the chosen company first.

Change what you want
You don’t have to stick to one plan you can change as you go. You can decide on mashed potatoes and then change to roast potatoes if you really want to. It is all up to you on what you want to eat, you don’t have to decide on anything if you are not 100 percent certain.

Be relaxed
Tasting events can be hectic as at times you might see many people at once. It can be overwhelming if there is a large crowd! Stay relaxed and have a drink once you enter so that you will be alright as the night progresses.  Businesses offer services like best corporate catering Brisbane for offices which provide alcohol for a fee. Remember to go for the tasting relaxed and on an empty stomach if you want to have a great eating out experience.

How to Take Your Home-Based Office Work to Global Level?


Many people all across the world operate their business of official work right from their home. Such home-based work has huge advantage, while there are some drawbacks too. You can save your travelling time and incorporate that in the work. However, home-based work culture gets very less reorganization in the global platform. So, you need to take certain care so that your clients and customers are aware of your business. As your customer base will expand you will experience the improvement of your business. You can follow some simple steps to organize your home based office, let’s check out those:

Plan how to make the place productive

Organizing the work space is very important. There should be all types of mandatory technology and tools present in the home based work floor. You should also go for commercial coffee machine hire to provide refreshment for the employees. If you wish to purchase coffee machines for your office, you can contact the guys from Boutique Coffee@work.

The commercial coffee machine hire in Melbourne will also help you to refresh the visitors or clients. As this is a home based work culture, so you should be more focused on the hospitality of the clients as well as business partners. Make sure they are pleased with your service and warm welcome in the work place.

You need to know that whether the home-based work floor is inspiring for your employees or not. Usually, there would be very less number of internal employees, who will be working for your right from your home. So, you need to think of them. Ensure they get an encouraging work environment so that they can produce their best.

Decoration of the rooms

There should be distinct work rooms for the employees. There should be a specific zone where the guests can wait. You should take care of the decoration of those rooms. Selection of colors or wall shades for specific rooms should be done very intricately. Pay attention on the overall beautification and maintenance. You might expect world class business personalities in your home based work space, so consider the ornamentation very seriously and immaculately.

Pay heed to the problems

If there is any area which needs to be improved or additional care is needed, you should pay heed to it. Talk with the employees as well as supervise the section and find out the improvements required.

Remove the mess and keep everything in organized manner. Make sure the employees and clients get everything they want from the work space. Arrange the furniture properly and remove the clutters immediately. You have to be ready to tackle the situations anytime the guests arrive. A store room is very much required to pile up the important documents in organized manner for your reference and keep the space tidy.

How to Make Sure Your Restaurant Delivery Is Up To Mark

If you are a restaurant with long time standing reputation or if you have opened quite recently and are interested in going one step further and introducing a delivery system to enhance sales of your restaurant, there are a few areas that you should make sure that you look into as this decision will require an investment on your part. So looking into these areas will allow you to not only decide whether you want to venture into that area of expansion or whether you will be better off investing that money into an area of restaurant location expansion or creating a bigger and better sit in menu.

Decide on a delivery area

You will first need to scope out the areas closest to you and decide on what areas you will be willing to deliver to. To do this, some leading restaurants ask their most loyal and frequent customers to leave their telephone number amongst other details like which area they stay in so that they will be able to figure out where their crowd is coming from. This can help greatly when it comes down choosing an area to start up your delivery service.

Create a delivery menu

The next step is coming up with a menu. This especially if you cater to a wide array of cuisines and sending some of those dishes through delivery may not be the most practical idea. In the even you own something like a pizzeria on the other hand choosing a menu that is fit for pizza delivery in Bondi is not difficult.

Implement an appropriate ordering method

The next area you will need to look into will be an ordering method. Initially you can choose to hire a few telephone operators who will be able to not only take down the order but also to offer up other items on the menu and let your customers know about the best deals and other promotions available especially for this service. For instance the buy one get one free offers most pizza delivery joins offer.

Hire either a delivery service or decide if you want your own

The next and most important area to look into and consider is whether you want to invest in your own bikes for the service or whether it will be better to hire an already up and running service to deliver the food to your customers.

Deciding on these areas before investing fully will assist you on deciding what type of expansion will benefit you more.